Manufacturer of manual and electric frame

01. What is Ergomaster?

Originated from Poland, Ergomaster is a manufacturer of manual and electric frame systems and acoustic solutions. Our name defines the 25 years of expertise in the steel processing industry and ergonomic approach to the design as well as the functionality of our products. Consistency and innovativeness have earned us a worldwide recognition allowing us to operate on both domestic and over 35 foreign markets. Our goal? Provide our customers with easy to use, practical and durable products that enhance our efficiency and change the way we work.

02. What do we offer?

Our offer consists of a wide range of manual and electric height adjustable frames for the single, bench, and corner desks as well as freestanding and desk acoustic screens. The adjustable telescopic rails of our frames allow for mounting worktops of various widths. Each frame is equipped with a control panel and an anti-collision system. The electric motors are remarkably quiet; hence the frames can be used in office spaces as well as home office interiors. What is more, we are capable of preparing bespoke models of products to fully meet all the requirements of its users.

03. Why Ergomaster?

The advanced machinery and great experience of our staff help us to oversee every step of the production process; thus, Ergomaster provides its customers with a long-term warranty period. The majority of the components are either designed or manufactured by Ergomaster what allows us to comply with numerous European standards and reduce the production waste to an absolute minimum. What is more, the frames are easy to install with the help of our assembly manuals. We know how important it is to deliver the purchased goods in the short time frame, and that is why we hold stock of some of the most popular models.