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Highly customisable sit stand desk frame

The electric or manual mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the sit stand desk frame to your individual needs within a very wide range. Depending on the standing desk frame model, the adjustment range varies from 35 to 65 cm, thanks to which the desk can be used comfortably in both sitting and standing positions. Why is it so important? Changing your position while working at a desk is recommended by specialists as protection against many health issues, mainly of an orthopaedic nature.
In the case of Ergomaster products, however, customisation is not limited to just adjusting the height of the desktop. Depending on your needs, you can choose a variant with 2, 3 or 4 height adjustable desk legs. Thanks to the telescopic beams, it is also possible to adjust the distance between the legs so as to perfectly fit the dimensions of the desk to the size and layout of the room. The adjustable desk frames are available in various configurations – single, double and corner, which significantly increases their arrangement and functionality. The end user also has complete freedom to choose the shape, colour and material of the worktop.

Functionality and durability of adjustable desk legs

Smooth and quiet operation of the standing desk legs is achieved by a system of 2 synchronised electric motors. Safe and trouble-free operation of the system is ensured by sensors that stop the movement of the desktop if an obstacle is detected. As an option, a control panel is available with the possibility of programming 4 selected electric desk frame configurations. A height adjustable desk frame version with manual height adjustment is also available. An additional convenience for users is the clever cable management system, which is particularly important for desks with movable components. Standing desk frame is made of powder coated steel, which ensures high durability and aesthetic and modern look of Ergomaster products. These are available in 4 colours:

  • white
  • aluminium
  • anthracite
  • black


Universal application for adjustable desk frames

Desks based on the Ergomaster sit stand desk frame are perfect both for corporate offices and for home use. In business, providing an employee with an ergonomic and health friendly workplace is now an absolute standard. In this context, adjustable desk frames are practically an essential piece of equipment for any modern and employee friendly office.

As we all know, we spend more and more time in front of the computer, not only at work but also at home browsing the Internet, social media, playing computer games or watching films. Therefore, with comfort and health in mind, it is worth considering using an electric desk frame also at home.


The best workstation is the one that reflects your needs and requirements. Discover the ways to improve your productivity with complementary products of the workshop tables collection.
Workshop table with accessories
SH06 monitor holder

MH06 - Flex display

81,18 inc. VAT 66,00 exc. VAT
Flex Display is a monitor holder dedicated to the Workshop Table line up. The holder is an essential accessory for every workstation that requires and easy access to the monitor. Flex Display allows for quick adjustment of the monitor position and remains stable. Such solution helps to save up the precious space of the workstation. The holder’s height can be adjusted as it requires mounting to the PH07 vertical profiles.
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156,21 inc. VAT 127,00 exc. VAT
Lumi Panel is a lighting system dedicated to the Workshop Table line up. Lumi helps to preserve a well-lit workstation with its built-in LED stripe that ensures evenly distributed light. The panel mounts to the vertical profiles PH07 thanks to which its height can be adjusted.
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RR01 rail for paper bottom

RR01 - Rail for paper - bottom

46,74 inc. VAT 38,00 exc. VAT
Spec Rail is a specialised rail for paper dedicated to the Workshop Table line up. The accessory allows for mounting paper rolls to ease the packing process.
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RR02 rail for paper upper

RR02 - Rail for paper - upper

40,59 inc. VAT 33,00 exc. VAT
Spec Rail is a specialised rail for paper dedicated to the Workshop Table line up. The accessory allows for mounting paper rolls to ease the packing process.
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rb03 rail for containers


33,21 inc. VAT 27,00 exc. VAT
Keeps the workstation clean. Pro Rail is a rail for containers dedicated to the Workshop Table line up. The rail is a great companion of every assembly workstation as it helps to contain screws and other miscellaneous elements in handy boxes. Such solution ensures that no element will be lost and helps to maintain an organized workspace. Pro Rail mounts to the vertical profiles PH07 thanks to which its height can be adjusted.
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RR02 rail for paper upper

SF05 - Smart shelf

129,15 inc. VAT 105,00 exc. VAT
Smart Shelf is a practical accessory dedicated to the Workshop Table line up. The shelf is equipped with metal dividers helping to store the documentation or tools in an organized way. The shelf’s height can be adjusted as it requires mounting to the PH07 vertical profiles.
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Ergomaster video presentation

Here at Ergomaster we believe that great products are never done by one person but by a group of inventive and dedicated people.
To meet the Ergomaster team and view our unique manufacturing process please see below.

Interesting Facts

Ergomaster is a company specializing in the manufacture of height adjustable frames and acoustic screens. We provide top quality products with modern design to our business partners.


Over 80% of our partners order regularly



We produce 97% of components ourselves


We are present at over 35 international markets


Electric standing desk frame capabilities outperform those of regular desks by adding features that influence ergonomics and efficiency. The most notable of them are: Smooth transition from a sitting to standing position Effortless lifting and descent of the worktop Personalized desk height Silent and efficient motors.

Sit stand desk frame allows for changing the body position at hand. Such a solution minimizes the possibility of professional spine health issues.

Height adjustable desk frame prompts frequent position changing what results in lowering the tigh pressure accumulated during the work in sitting position.

Despite the higher price tag on it, the standing desk frame offers an abundance of new ways of working styles, especially for those who either do not like maintaining the same position for too long or have back issues.

Manufacturing a standing desk is quite a difficult process that requires years of experience, proper machinery and knowledge. Nevertheless, the foundation of every desk is its frame. Selecting the right frame for a desk may be a good first step to building your own standing desk.

The key is to select the desk frame. If the selected desk frame has motors allowing it to lift the worktop up and down it is a good starting point to create an ideal desk for yourself.

When selecting a height adjustable desk frame, it is crucial to identify one’s requirements to choose the right system. The electric standing desk frame features class-leading parameters that influence the comfort of use. The alternative to the motorized version is the manual height adjustable desk frame which offers a cordless solution with satisfying flexibility.

The height of the sit stand desk frame depends on the height of the user. It is crucial to preserve the right angle between the eyes and the monitor, which in the case of height adjustable desk frame is especially easy as the height can be adjusted either manually or electrically.

Each Ergomaster standing desk frame has a manual included in the box, which eases the assembly process significantly. The desk frame is easy to assemble and requires no previous experience.

The Ergomaster electric standing desk frame can go up to 1180mm whilst the manual height adjustable desk frame caps at 970 mm.

It is recommended to switch between standing and sitting position every now and then topping at 1 hour of standing and 2 hours of sitting. The optional Bluetooth module and the app paired with it can help you keep track of the proper position switching throughout the day.

The width of the sit stand desk frame depends on the size of the worktop that is going to be installed on it. The ideal solution is to use a standing desk frame that has telescopic beams allowing you to install a worktop of various widths within a given range.